Community 101

Community Management Fundamentals (External/Customer)

The Community Roundtable’s External Community Manager Training Course for new community managers outlines the scope of the community manager role in external communities and provides prescriptive approaches for successful community management.

You will have 120 days to complete the course.
  • Definition of Community and Community Management
  • Video Lesson: Definition of Community and Community Management
  • Worksheet: Network Building
  • Community Strategy
  • Video Lesson: Community Strategy
  • Worksheet: Community Strategy
  • Profiling Community Member Segments
  • Video Lesson: Profiling Community Member Segments
  • Worksheet: Community Member Segment Profile
  • Building Moderation, Escalation & Crisis Guidelines
  • Video Lesson: Building Moderation, Escalation and Crisis Guidelines
  • Worksheet: Community Guidelines and Escalation Processes
  • Content & Program Strategy
  • Video Lesson: Content & Programming
  • Worksheet: Content & Programming
  • Starting Your Community
  • Video Lesson: Starting Your Community
  • Worksheet: New Community Action Plan
  • Building Engagement & Value
  • Video Lesson: Building Engagement and Value
  • Worksheet: Engagement Recipe
  • Integrating Social Channels
  • Video Lesson: Integrating Social Channels
  • Worksheet: Integrating Social Channels
  • Measurement and Reporting
  • Video Lesson: Measurement and Reporting
  • Worksheet: Community Measurement
  • Quiz
  • External Community Management Training Quiz
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "External Community Management Training Quiz"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever